HCOE Staff Directory

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Leslie Yale(Superintendent)Rio Dell School District  
Leslie Yale(Superintendent)Monument Middle School  
Christine Yannone(Assistive Technology Resource Specialist)Humboldt Co. Office of Education  
Lynda Yeoman(Principal, Sunny Brae Middle School)Arcata School District  
Lynda Yeoman(Principal)Sunny Brae Middle School  
Andrea Yip(Teacher - Grade 2)Ridgewood School  
Kevin I. Yokoyama(Mathematics)Redwoods Community College District  
Maureen Yost(Instructional Aide)Humboldt Co. Office of Education  
Ann Youmans(Teacher - Social Studies)Sunny Brae Middle School  
Tammy Young(Attendance Clerk)Fortuna High School  
Patrick Young(Computer Systems Technician II)Humboldt Co. Office of Education  
Charles Young(Teacher - Music)Eureka Senior High School  
Alice Young(Teacher)Center For Independent Study  
Stacy Young(Learning Specialist, Arts)Humboldt Co. Office of Education  
Jenna Young(Teacher - Grades 4-6)Garfield School District  
Sandy Younger(Teacher - Grade 1)Lafayette School  
Michael Youssef(21st Century Learning Skills Technician)Humboldt Co. Office of Education