HCOE Staff Directory

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Gillian Wadsworth(Program Manager)Humboldt Co. Office of Education  
Tammi Wagner (Principal)Lafayette School  
Jennifer Wagner(District Secretary/Personnel)Fortuna Union High School District  
Bruce Wagner(Mathematics)Redwoods Community College District  
Jessica Wahlund(Math)McKinleyville High School  
DeAnn Waldvogel(Superintendent/Principal)Blue Lake Union School District  
Rob Walkenhauer(Director of Maintenance & Operations)Humboldt Co. Office of Education  
Linell Walker(School Secretary)South Fortuna Elementary Sch.  
Laura Walker(School Psychologist)Eureka City Schools, A Unified District  
Charity Walker(Teacher - Grade 8)Monument Middle School  
Danny Walker(Welding)Redwoods Community College District  
Meg Walkley(Children & Family Support Specialist)Humboldt Co. Office of Education  
Erin Wall(Dean)Redwoods Community College District  
Carly Wallace(Accounting Supervisor)Northern Humboldt Union High School District  
Laurie Wallace(Preschool Services Teacher)Humboldt Co. Office of Education  
Justin Wallace(Superintendent Assistant)Green Point School District  
Justin Wallace(Teacher - Grades 4-5 )Kneeland School District  
Justin Wallace(Superintendent)Kneeland School District  
Trudi Walsh(School Secretary)Scotia Union School District  
Heidi Walsh(Teacher - Grade 4)Jacoby Creek School District  
Nancy Walsh(Secondary Library Technician)Catherine L. Zane Middle School  
Stephen Walston(Math)McKinleyville High School  
Michaela Walston(Learning Center Coordinator) Creekside Learning Center for the Arts  
Jennifer Ward(District Office Assistant)McKinleyville Union School District  
Rick Warnock(Math)Northcoast Preparatory Academy  
Kathy Warren(Teacher - Grade 1)Alice Birney School  
Elizabeth Warren(After School Coordinator)Toddy Thomas School  
Molly Wasko(Teacher - Grade 4)Pacific Union School District  
Teri Waterhouse(Principal)Winship Middle School  
Lindsay Watkins(Teacher - Grade 3)Alice Birney School  
Lynn Watkins(Library Clerk)Sunny Brae Middle School  
Rachel Watson(English)McKinleyville High School  
Stefanie Watson(Teacher - Grade 2)Pacific Union School District  
Michelle Watson( Assistant)Coastal Grove Charter School  
Harriet Watson(Teacher - Grade 3)Cutten School  
Jed Watts(Lead Custodian/Maintenance Worker)Humboldt Co. Office of Education  
Janera Watts(CalSTRS Benefits Counselor)Humboldt Co. Office of Education  
Janera Watts(Personnel Benefits Technician)Humboldt Co. Office of Education  
Kerry Watty(Trustee)Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified Sch. District  
Ciara Weaver(Instructional Aide)Humboldt Co. Office of Education  
Kristen Webb(Secretary - EHS)Eureka Senior High School  
Corey Weber(Business Manager)Fortuna Union High School District  
Suzanne Kison Weber(Resourse Specialist)Blue Lake Union School District  
Jeff Weber(Technology Technician)So. Humboldt Unified School District  
Sam Wedll(Trustee)Blue Lake Union School District  
Ken Weiderman(Teacher - Art/Electives)Catherine L. Zane Middle School  
Ted Weller(Trustee)Pacific Union School District  
David Wellman(Teacher - Math/Electives)Catherine L. Zane Middle School  
Cheryl Wells(District Secretary 1)Loleta Union School District  
Sarah Wennerholm(Instructional Aide)Redwood Preparatory Charter School  
Jemima West(Principal Account Technician/ LCFF/ State Reports/ Budget Processes)Humboldt Co. Office of Education  
Jan West(Trustee)Trinidad Union School District  
Angela West(Budget & Accounting Analyst/ AB1200/ Audit Review/ LCAP/ SELPA Support)Humboldt Co. Office of Education  
Travis West(Principal Account Analyst )Eureka City Schools, A Unified District  
Christina West(3rd Grade Teacher)Hoopa Valley Elementary School  
Rosie Weston(Nurse)Eureka City Schools, A Unified District  
Rosie Weston(School Nurse)Fieldbrook School District  
Jason Wheeler(Teacher)Eureka Adult School  
Deva Wheeler(Trustee)Mattole Unified School District  
Jesse Wheeler(Teacher - Grade 4)Cutten School  
Jason White(Teacher - P.E.)Eureka Senior High School  
Maggie L. White(P.E./Women's Sports)Redwoods Community College District  
Eldon Whitehead(Trustee)Fortuna Union High School District  
Becky Whitehead(Teacher - Grade 2)Dow's Prairie School  
Gretchen Whitmer(School Secretary)Dow's Prairie School  
Janet Whitworth(Music Assistant)Fieldbrook School District  
Donna Wickard(RSP Teacher)Trinity Valley Elementary School  
Rob Wild(Trustee)Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified Sch. District  
Sandra Wilde(Reading Specialist)Freshwater School District  
Suzanne Wildey(Instructional Aide/Library Tech)Fieldbrook School District  
Jeanne Wilhelm(Teacher - Eng Lang Arts)Catherine L. Zane Middle School  
Petra Wilhite(Office Clerk)Arcata Elementary School  
Rebecca Wilkinson(Secretary, Records)Fortuna High School  
Renae Will(Director of Personnel Services and Public Affairs)Eureka City Schools, A Unified District  
Greg Willett(Student Transportation)Humboldt Co. Office of Education  
Erika Williams(Teacher - Kindergarten)South Fortuna Elementary Sch.  
Jim Williams(SDC Teacher)Humboldt Co. Office of Education  
Korey Williams(Assistant Principal)Fortuna High School  
Cynthia Williams(Instructional Aide)Humboldt Co. Office of Education  
Scott Williams(Teacher - Grade 5)South Bay School  
Denise Williams(Counselor)Norman G. Ambrosini School  
Marie Williamson(4th Grade Teacher)Pacific View Charter School  
Kathleen Willis(Preschool Monitor)Ruby H. Winzler Children's Center  
Mary Lou Willits(Teacher - Grade 3)Eagle Prairie Elementary  
Clara Willows(Instructional Clerk)Humboldt Co. Office of Education  
Bret Wilsey(English 1, English 1H, ENglish 3, English 3H)South Fork High School  
Jolon Wilson(Trustee)Rio Dell School District  
Linda Wilson(Bus Driver Trainer/Dispatcher)Eureka City Schools, A Unified District  
Sarah Wilson(DIstrict Psychologist)South Fork High School  
Sarah Wilson(School Psychologist / Counselor)Redway School  
Wilton Wilson(Science & Math)Fortuna High School  
Shannon Wilson(Coordinator of Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation)South Bay Union School District  
Chandler Wilson(Teacher - Math)Catherine L. Zane Middle School  
Kim Wilson(Teacher - Resource)Ferndale Elementary School  
Sarah Wilson(District Psychologist)Miranda Junior High  
Mark Winiter(Interim Vice President, Instruction and Student Development)Redwoods Community College District  
Jenny Winsted-Wilson(Teacher - Kindergarten)Union Street Charter School  
Mark Winter(Arts, Languages, & Social Sciences)Redwoods Community College District  
Heidi Winter(Teacher - K)Dow's Prairie School  
Kathy Winter(RSP Teacher)McKinleyville Middle School  
Whitney Wirt(RSP Teacher)Dow's Prairie School  
Erin Wishneff(Teacher - Grade 2)South Fortuna Elementary Sch.  
Kathleen Wolfberg(Teacher TK-8/Vice Principal)Green Point School District  
Kathy Wolff(Librarian/ASP Reading Tutor)Bridgeville School District  
Connie Wolfsen(Nursing)Redwoods Community College District  
Janet Wood (Student Services Coordinator )Lafayette School  
James Wood(Custodian)Ruby H. Winzler Children's Center  
Pam Woodward(Senior Account Clerk )Eureka City Schools, A Unified District  
Kay Wozniak(Math)Arcata High School  
Gini Wozny(Humanities)Academy of the Redwoods  
Kirsten Wright(RSP Teacher )Orleans Elementary School  
Josh Wright(High School English Teacher)Pacific View Charter School  
Paula Wyant(Principal)Hoopa Valley Elementary School  
Lori Wyler(Teacher) Beginnings  
Beth Wylie(Charter Director)Fuente Nueva Charter School  
Nora Wynne(Spanish Enrichment)McKinleyville Middle School