California Preschool Instruction Network (CPIN)

Regional Lead, Region 1: Cindi Kaup | (707) 441-3912

CPIN's mission is to provide high quality professional development and technical assistance to preschool teachers and administrators to ensure preschool children are ready for school. Our goal is to enhance the quality of early learning environments by presenting current information from the Preschool Learning Foundations, teaching strategies from the Preschool Curriculum Frameworks and the Preschool English Learners Guide.

We invite you to visit the CPIN website to learn more about what's happening in our region and across the state.

CDD Resources: Preschool Learning Foundations & Preschool Curriculum Framework

These Department of Education-Child Development Division resources are valuable tools for helping early educators understand the knowledge and skills that we can expect children to exhibit in a quality program as they complete their first or second year of preschool. The preschool Curriculum Framework offers strategies for supporting the Foundations and enhancing the early learning environment.

These documents can be accessed through the CDD Resources website under "Preschool Resources."

Early Childhood Professional Development Opportunities

A list of statewide CPIN professional development opportunities is available on the CPIN website. To register for a Humboldt county training visit the HCOE Professional Development page.

Transitional Kindergarten

CPIN supports districts as they plan for Transitional Kindergarten by sharing CDD resources on child development and helping to build relationships with the early education community.