The Humboldt County Office of Education is a dynamic, county-wide organization that provides support to 31 school districts throughout Humboldt County, delivering education to approximately 18,000 students. When I’m out in the community and introduce myself as the Humboldt County Superintendent of Schools, one question I’m often asked is, “What exactly goes on in the Humboldt County Office of Education?”

My answer surprises some people. I proudly respond that HCOE is much more than an administrative unit.

  • Over 450 students are served directly by HCOE through our special education and court and community school programs. We are also responsible for the SELPA (Special Education Local Plan Area) coordination in our region.
  • HCOE offers workforce preparation through 27 different HROP programs, serving over 1200 students in local high schools.
  • We offer itinerant education services to early start eligible infants, toddlers, preschool children and their families.
  • Our Foster Youth and Homeless Education Services Program helps ensure that students receive the full benefits of a free and appropriate public education.
  • We establish and maintain programs that contribute to the educational enrichment, health, safety, and well-being of our county’s children through our Health Team, Harvest of the Month and other nutrition programs.
  • Our Rising Stars Foundation supports county-wide educational enrichment activities for our students with events including the Doris Niles Humboldt County Science Fair, Academic Achievement and Stellar Student Awards, INNOVATE! Business Challenge and the Gary T. Roberts Northcoast Industrial Technology Fair, and Spelling Bee to name just a few.
  • We deliver professional development for teachers, paraprofessionals and support staff, and accountability support for our districts in coordination with the California Department of Education, and instructional materials through the Humboldt Educational Resource Center (HERC).
  • We provide a virtual field trip experience through the giant redwoods as part of the Parks On-line Resource for Teachers and Students (PORTS) and Redwood EdVentures website ( for thousands of teachers and students throughout California.
  • Our administrative role includes coordination of school board elections, district reorganization and school district boundary changes.
  • Our five-member County Board of Education serves as the appeals board on Inter-district transfers, expulsions, and charter school approvals.
  • We respond to district and parent inquiries, facilitate communications between the state and local school districts, and promote schools and programs through our web presence and press releases.
  • HCOE provides fiscal oversight, payroll and warrant distribution, STRS and PERS retirement facilitation, recruitment, network services, printing and publication services on behalf of local districts.
  • We coordinate and participate in cost-saving consortia, including legal services, employee health insurance, pupil transportation, risk management and business services.
  • We advocate on behalf of the needs of rural schools and programs that benefit Humboldt County children.

This website exists to provide you with access to some useful information and resources that we hope will make your job as a parent, teacher, school official or interested community participant a little easier. But we also encourage you to browse our site and introduce yourself to the people, programs, and services of the Humboldt County Office of Education. We’re excited about the work we do and welcome your visit to our Website!


Garry T. Eagles, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools


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